7 Days to Better Cycling: Off-Bike Fitness

7 Days to Better Cycling: Off-Bike Fitness

Thankfully to become a better cyclist, you don’t just have to focus on fitness when you are riding your bike. Sure, if you can ride all the time then you probably won’t need much else in terms of cycling fitness but for many of us, we cannot ride as much as we would like to. So we have to rely on some fitness tactics when we are not riding our bikes as well.



Walking may not seem like much but it really does help out a lot. If you can get away with walking instead of driving, then you should focus on that. For example, when I need to go get something from the local gas station a few miles down the road, I sometimes choose to walk instead of driving my truck. Walking will help you in many ways including keeping your blood flowing properly, balance and even strengthening your lower body. All of these fitness benefits will help you out when you get back on your bike for another ride.



Running works out a lot of your body levels when done correctly. Many cyclists are actually runners as well. I have even been known to run here and there at various cycling/running events and 5k runs. Running helps to work out the entire body. You just need to make sure you stretch before and after you run. You also need to pace yourself and don’t overdo your running activities. You can injure yourself a lot easier by running than you can with cycling.




Swimming is one of the best exercises out there. Swimming is like a full body cardio workout. You even exercise your lungs and face muscles when you swim. If you want to slim down for cycling or fit into an even smaller pair of bike shorts, try swimming for 20 minutes a day for a month and you will be bean pole in no time flat.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you do decide to do all the exercises above, maybe you should look into triathlons as well. A triathlon is where you run, swim and then bike as a challenge and/or race. Please share this article with other cyclists and athletes that you know to help show support for my blogging.


Your turn! What other forms of fitness do you partake in to increase your stability on the bike? Do you feel that any sort of weight lifting would help as well?


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