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Don’t worry, folks! Cyclist Ville isn’t being closed down, sold off or anything crazy like that. I have just decided to re-organize the blog a little bit and help make navigation, pages, posts, searching, and services and so on a little bit easier to use for me, you and everyone else who visits.


What will be new?


* Cut down the categories to what you see now, five of them are easier to negative through than tons with tons of sub-categories. The categories I am covering are really the only type of topics I plan to write about anyways.

*Theme changes are going to happen – including some coloring, logos and images, page looks and etc. Again, this will be done to make things easier to use on the blog.

*Easier for interested parties such as advertisers, guest bloggers and premium members which is a new feature coming this year. The blog will still be and always be free though but the premium membership will have more features, content and services.

*Increasing blog posts is another consideration I am taking. I want to at least write three posts a week (instead of two like I have been) or I might post Monday-Friday (5 posts a week) with a break in posting on the weekends because we’re all usually doing something away from our computers on the weekends, I know I am usually away.

*Plus more features, customizations and ease of use projects are in my mind for this blog.


I’m also working on new content for this blog, better content that will include more tutorials, videos, courses and so on for you all, my faithful readers. By February, I should start publishing new content on this blog once again and be done with my update projects. That is only a few weeks away so don’t worry, we’ll be back shortly!


Please feel free to comment with your ideas and suggestions for improving this blog!



Coaching Cycling as a Way to Make Money with Cycling

Could you imagine coaching cycling to others? Could you imagine coaching cycling to others while getting paid for it? Coaching cycling is an actual career choice that many cyclists tends to go for and you can too if you any good at cycling at all. Basically with coaching cycling, you are going to be showing people how to become better at cycling or showing them how to get into better health with cycling – there are endless routes you can take and also base these routes on your own cycling skill level as well.


Coaching Cycling


So why not start a coaching cycling business and get for doing riding your bike with others? It would be a great way to make some money and chances are, there is a business for it practically anywhere in the world where there is a cycling presence or an environment that can be friendly for the cyclist. In this article, I will point out the ways you can create a coaching cycling business and the basics of doing so.


Coaching Cycling for Developing Pro Riders

Now unless you were once a professional cyclist yourself, coaching cycling to other soon-to-be pro riders is going to be difficult. However, you can work of coaching cycling lessons to local cyclists who aspire to be professional cyclists instead. In order to be successful at coaching cycling to local riders who aspire to be pro cyclists, you need to make sure you are professional cycling material, first. You should be able to ride at any level and especially able to keep riding at a faster and more technical rate each time you move up the levels from your coaching cycling program. If you can’t help the rider move to the next level, then coaching cycling is going to be a waste of time for you. You also want to know all the tricks in the book, the lingo, the moves, how races work, scoring and even off-bike techniques and trade that will be helpful to an aspiring professional cyclist – they will be likely asking you a lot of questions and you will need to be able to honestly and accurately answer their questions if they can be answered that is.


Coaching Cycling for Fitness Riders

I suggest coaching cycling for fitness and health riders more than any other type of situation where you are coaching cycling to others. This is mainly because you can easily offer a specific riding level service which will come in handy if you are not pro rider material. If you can ride to lose weight and know all the tricks, then you can just offer that specific coaching cycling type service to your customers but make sure they understand that before doing business with you. For example, if a person who is out of shape and slightly obese and new cycling wants your coaching cycling services to help them lose weight, you can offer them a small level of riding fitness service where you will show them what they need to be doing, how they need to ride and what they should be doing off the bike to drop the weight. In fitness riding, speed isn’t really what people are going for so if you are not good with speed, it would be one less thing you would have to worry about with your coaching cycling business.


When coaching cycling participants, be sure to have a proper contract made. You want to make sure you include a disclaimer so they cannot sue you if their goals are not met because it takes their devotion in order for them to learn something and not everyone will devote like they should. Thank you for reading my blog article about coaching cycling as a way to make money with cycling. I hope this article has helped you generate ideas for starting your own cycling-related business. Please share this article with other cyclists and especially on social networking sites to help support me and motivate me to write more of these kinds of articles for your enjoyment.


Your turn to comment, my friend! How do you feel about coaching cycling as a way to earn money through cycling? Could you see yourself showing others professional and/or fitness cycling as your job?


Creative Commons Image Credit: Airman Magazine


Mobile Bicycle Repair as a Way to Make Money Cycling

Ever thought about making money through bicycling by offering a mobile bicycle repair service? A mobile bicycle repair service is a good idea if you really think about it. Someone is riding their bike and the chain snaps, they don’t have the tools to fix it, what do they do? They call a mobile bicycle repair service that you just so happen to own.


Mobile Bicycle Repair


You can make some money with a mobile bicycle repair service if you do it right. You can charge a fee for the mobile bicycle repair of course, a travel fee and a fee to take the rider somewhere if the bike cannot be repaired on the spot. You just want to make sure you are not overcharging for your mobile bicycle repair services or you might find that you won’t be getting a whole lot of business.


Mobile Bicycle Repair Cost Savings

To save money with your mobile bicycle repair services so that you can maximize your profits, I’ve come up with a few ideas that you might want to consider using. First – use your bike to travel if it isn’t too far. The faster you can ride, the easier it will be to respond by bike. This will cut a potential fee to taking the rider somewhere but you’ll save money on gas and vehicle wear and tear at that and you would need to weigh those two things together to see which would make more sense to you and your mobile bicycle repair business. Second – You can save money by using refurbished parts or simply by buying older and used bikes to salvage parts for your mobile bicycle repair business. If you do this though, make sure your customers are aware of the used parts and don’t overcharge them for it. You can save money using used parts and you can save your customer money as well.


How to Market a Mobile Bicycle Repair Service

Marketing your mobile bicycle repair service shouldn’t be that hard. You might try hanging around on organized bike ride events in case people start crashing and wrecking their bikes up. How ironic, you wrecked your bike and I own a mobile bicycle repair service or something like that comes to mind. Think about all the customers you can potentially get that day! You should also pass your business card around to cyclists, any cyclist you meet especially road bikers because they are likely riding longer distances away from home and will serious need a mobile bicycle repair service if they ever get stranded. Heck, I’d almost suggest selling jerseys, bike bags, saddle covers and RoadID bands with your business name and phone number on them so the cyclist has it when they need your mobile bicycle repair services the most.


Thanks for reading my blog post about starting your own mobile bicycle repair service. I hope this article has helped you out. This article is another article which part of a series I have written on making money with cycling – expect more to come after this one. Please help support me for writing this article by sharing it with other cyclists and especially by sharing it on your favorite social networking sites.


Your turn to comment, my friend! What do you think about a mobile bicycle repair business idea? Could you see yourself offering mobile bicycle repair services for a living?


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Bicycle Repair Business as a Way to Make Money Cycling

Have you ever thought about opening up your own bicycle repair business before? A bicycle repair business would be a great way to make money with cycling and also very informative to your bicycle lifestyle because you will learn a lot – trust me on that. Starting your own bicycle repair business is fairly simple too especially when you are just getting the bicycle repair business going and don’t have a whole lot of capital to invest in it at the moment.


Bicycle Repair Business


I started my own bicycle repair business about a year ago. When I market it, I tend to get quite a bit of business and I am in a rural area, too. I could only imagine how much business I’d get in an urban or city environment. Keep on reading this article to learn more about starting your own bicycle repair business.


Starting Your Own Bicycle Repair Business

Starting a bicycle repair business doesn’t require a whole lot from you. I started out by reading Bicycle Magazine’s Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair book and took an old bicycle apart and then fixed it back up a few different times to get the hang of it. Repairing a bicycle isn’t that hard if you dedicate yourself to learning the trade. You need to get yourself some good starter tools before opening your bicycle repair business including a floor pump, tire levers, various bottom bracket removal tools, chain breaker tool, fourth-hand tool (for tightening cables), wire cutters, Allen keys, a basic bicycle multi-tool and a good work stand to protect the bikes from being scuffed up during repair. If you can afford it, get some other tools as well or even consider a tool kit. I also have different inner tubes and a wheel truing stand in my shop as well. As far as tool brands go, Park Tool is the best but Sette is a much affordable option and a good brand at that.


A Bicycle Repair Business Should be a Business

The common work from your bedroom bicycle repair shop that your kid friends might have done is a day of the past. Nowadays, to get the customers you want, you actually need to establish a real business. Sure, buying or renting commercial property is not cheap – trust me, I know this which is why I decided to go with a Rent-to-Own portable building to put in my backyard. I pay for a $1,800 14×8 foot well designed shed which is my official place of business. I have my signs on the shed and everything – it is very much a good business sight, indeed. And with that, if you plan to work on bike for serious customers, you need to be a serious business meaning a registered and insured business. Registering as a business and buying insurance will probably be the most expensive investment but it is an investment after all. Imagine if you messed up a customer’s $20,000 full carbon road bike – Imagine having to pay for that out of pocket – Insurance keeps that from happening, get it!


How to Market a Bicycle Repair Business

Marketing a bicycle repair business isn’t as difficult as you might think. The idea is to hang around places where cyclists are often at and then befriend them and somehow bring up that you run a bicycle repair business. Cyclists love to check out new cycling-related businesses so your bicycle repair business will likely spark their interest. You can also pay for custom-designed apparel to help promote your bicycle repair business. I’m in the process of creating my own Bicycle Repair Business custom branded jersey and bike short kit now and I plan to wear it as a business uniform, why not? It matches the business well! Social media is also a great way to market and promote your bicycle repair business – plenty of free methods to go along with it, just research them.


Expand Your Bicycle Repair Business to Local Riders

Always have expansion in mind… Expand your bicycle repair business when you are able to, consider selling bikes (new and/or used), apparel, gear, components, tools and more. Consider starting a bike rental service or offering bike storage units to local riders. You should also expand to the nature of cycling in the local community of your bicycle repair business. Host cyclist appreciation days where you offer free snacks and tune-ups to X amount of cyclists to show up first. Partner with organized bike ride organizers and offer a gift card for your business as a prize in return that they show you as a sponsor for the organized ride. Keep on trying to expand your reach and you will do fine with your bicycle repair business in the future to come.


So now it’s your turn to go out there and start your own bicycle repair business. I have had a lot of fun with mine so far and I have way more planned for its future, too. Thank you for reading my article about starting your own bicycle repair business. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope it can help you out with starting your own repair business. Please show me some support and encouragement for writing this article. You can support me by simply sharing my article and my blog with other cyclists that you know and especially by sharing this article and my blog on your favorite social networking websites.


Your turn to comment, my friend! Have you ever wanted to start your own bicycle repair business? What sort of bicycle repairs do you already know how to do at the moment?


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Bicycle Delivery as a Way to Make Money Cycling

Do you like to ride your bicycle? Have you ever considered providing a bicycle delivery service? A bicycle delivery service might be what you need in order to start profiting from the bicycling niche. The idea is that you will go pickup items and use your bike to transport the items to those who are expecting them. You save fuel and insurance costs by using a bicycle and in high traffic areas; you can often get packages to those who need them a lot quicker than parcel vehicles.


Bicycle Delivery


Go into Independent Bicycle Delivery

Cut out the middleman and just start your own bicycle delivery service because you can make more money that way. If you work for a bicycle delivery service, you are probably going to make minimum wage or less and completely rely on tips which might or might not be good each day you work. If you start your own bicycle delivery business, you can earn the initial costs and tips giving yourself more of a profit. It’s easy to get a delivery service going too with simple social media and local-based marketing techniques. The idea is “word of mouth” advertising to help boost your bicycle delivery business – tell your customers to tell other about your service.


What Makes a Great Bicycle Delivery Business

A great bicycle delivery business can be achieved – the big priority you need to focus on is TIME. You need to be quick about picking items up and getting them to your customers. The fast you are about it, the more customers you will likely get. Most people simply do not have the time to go pickup items but they also don’t have a lot of time to sit there and wait for you to arrive as well. On a bicycle, you have advantages to move around a lot quicker than automobile drivers – use that advantage and get bicycle delivery jobs done as quickly as you can. You might also need to train yourself on your bike to become a faster rider and have the ability to move around objects quickly especially if you are in a city or urban environment. But I have to express safety – safety should be your main concern, don’t get ran over!


Bicycle Delivery Packages

When conducting your own bicycle delivery service, as far as package delivery goes, I would recommend delivering anything you can carry on your bike. Be it pizza, groceries, parcel and mail packages and even a pack of cigarettes if someone wants to pay you for that – do whatever you can to make money with your bicycle delivery service. I would recommend staying away from valuable deliveries though because if you lose something, you might have to fork out the money to pay for it. So consider everything you are delivering and consider that you may have to pay for it if something were to happen to it.


So if you like cycling a lot and want to get paid cycling, consider starting your own bicycle delivery service. Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Please help support me for writing it by sharing it with your friends, family, other cyclists and especially on your favorite social networking pages.


Your turn to comment, my friend! Do you think you can make money in your local area through your own bicycle delivery service? Would you rather start your own business or work for someone else, why?


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Bicycle Storage as a Way to Make Money Cycling

Have you ever considered bicycle storage as a way to make money with cycling? Visit Small Town America and you will see the self-storage business is booming – why not attempt this with bicycle storage as well? Many people in larger and smaller communities live in smaller apartments and homes where bicycle storage capability is just not possible. Offer your community an affordable bicycle storage facility and maybe business will boom for you as well.


Bicycle Storage


How to Start a Bicycle Storage Business

Starting a bicycle storage business might not be as difficult as you might think. The great thing about starting a bicycle storage business is the fact that bicycles are small and don’t take up as much space as other storage items that most self-storage businesses have to offer. You could simply build storage units inside of sheds or pole barn-type buildings and be able to store quite a few bicycles in one building. Consider renting out a bicycle storage space per bicycle when deciding on your bicycle storage unit rental fee. The fee should be relatively affordable as well. Most self-storage businesses sell basic units for anywhere from $15 to $50 a month, a bicycle storage unit should be relatively lower than that otherwise going with a self-storage will often be the same as going with a bicycle storage business.


My Idea of a Bicycle Storage Business

If I were to start a bicycle storage business, I’d purchase about 4 portable shed type buildings. I’d then build individual units inside the buildings where customers can store bicycles, close a door and lock it to their bicycle storage space. I’d put a padding type wall in the storage units to help protect the bicycle in case it were to shift in the unit. I would charge about $12 a month per bicycle storage unit limiting each unit to one bike per unit and I’d provide the customer with a key to the main building door. They would need to provide their own lock to the storage unit itself giving them the ability to judge their own security lock for their unit. I’d also put video cameras and motion lights up around the buildings for that extra sense of security. I’d require a security deposit of $25 which is returnable if the storage unit is kept in order and clean when the customer is finished with it.


How to Market a Bicycle Storage Business

First of all, you want to put the business somewhere in a community where there are a lot of cyclists and seasonal changes to where bicycle storage would probably be likely. If you put up your bicycle storage business in an area that is nice all year around or lacks cyclists, then you are probably not going to get a whole lot of business. You might try to start out small at first as well in order to measure the success rates of getting this type of business off the ground. As for marketing this type of business, I’d stick with social media, Craig’s List and local newspaper classified ads. Local marketing is going to be your best friend when it comes to marketing a local bicycle storage business.


So if you’re looking to earn some extra money through a bicycling related niche, why not give bicycle storage a try? You might make more money than you actually think you will make. Thank you for reading my article on starting your own bicycle storage business. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please help support me for writing it by sharing this article with other cyclists and on your favorite social networking profiles. Your continued support motivates me to write more articles like this one.


Your turn to comment, my friend! Do you think a bicycle storage business could be successful in your local area? Do you have any further ideas to make bicycle storage businesses work?


Creative Commons Image Credit: Scott Meyers Self Storage Investing


Building Custom Bicycles to Make Money with Cycling

Have you ever imagined yourself making money by building custom bicycles? You can actually make quite a bit of money from building custom bicycles and probably more money than you thought you could make by building custom bicycles.


Building Custom Bicycles


Building custom bicycles is still a big need in this world especially now that everything is trending towards a cheaper form of transportation and a greener worldview of life. You could be building custom bicycles for the next Tour de France bike team or maybe even building custom bicycles for wounded soldiers just getting back from combat – whatever path you choose, you can make some great revenue by simply building custom bicycles.


Building Custom Bicycles takes Skill

In order to successful earn a great income by building custom bicycles; you obviously need to actually be skilled at building things like bicycles. There will be welding involved, torch cuts, materials, shaping materials, leveling and hordes of other activities. But your actual building skills are not the only thing required for making money by building custom bicycles, you also need to be skilled at running a custom bike business – you can do this by doing research into the matter. I recommend that you research other companies that are into building custom bicycles as well as running a business, strategic planning, marketing and financial aspects of business activities. You might even consider looking into blogging for market outreach. Building custom bicycles is only half on earning revenue from it; you also need to build up your knowledge on running a business as well.


The Market for Building Custom Bicycles

There are different markets you can serve when building custom bicycles to earn an income. You can build your own brand of bicycles like other companies have such as Trek, Giant and Specialized. You can offer service in building custom bicycles for individual sales whereas you create the bike of their dreams based on their own requirements – this will tend to allow you to make quite a bit of money from each bike you make. You might also look into unique markets for building custom bicycles such as bikes for wounded veterans or children with physical disorders – those who require the bikes to be extremely customized to fit their usage and operational needs. Building custom bicycles for special needs individuals and groups is often rewarding in terms of making money as well as being able to provide support to those who need it the most. In the long run, you should already know your bike making market before you actually start building custom bicycles.


Thanks for reading my article about building custom bicycles for income earning. I hope this article has helped you. If you have enjoyed this article that I have written for you, please consider supporting me for writing it and providing it free to you. You can support me by simply sharing this blog post with other cyclists that you know. You might also share this blog post on your favorite social network profiles to also lend me some support.


Your turn to comment, my friend! Have you ever made money from building custom bicycles on your own? What sort of market audience would you build custom bikes for?


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Bike Rental Service: Make money by renting out bicycles

Have you ever wondered how much money you can make from a bike rental service? You might not know it but a bike rental service could actually make you quite a bit of money. See people choose a bike rental service verses buying a bike because it’s a cheaper option. Now the first bit of advice I can give you though when creating your own bike rental service is to make sure you thoroughly research your location to ensure that there are cyclists or people interested in cycling in your area. You also want to make sure cycling can easily and safety be accomplished before opening up your own bike rental service. If you are ready to open up your own bike rental service, I suggest you continue to read my article then…


Bike Rental Service


Bike Rental Service Pricing

Pricing is big step when it comes to opening your own bike rental service. If you have any bike rental service competition, make sure that you research their prices, options, features and addon benefits so that you can offer the same or even a better competitive price. You can practically allow your customers the ability to customize their price when it comes to running a bike rental service. For example, if the customer comes to your business to get the bike, it will cost less than you bringing them the bike but they might want you to bring it because it will be convenient to them. Charge for bringing bikes to your customers, picking them up, dates associated with weather (nice days means more riders), types of bikes you are renting out to them (carbon bikes costs more), the age of the customer (younger folks might have less safe handling experience) and insurance – yes put insurance on your bicycles, all of them and then charge your customers insurance plans – have a few options.


Bike Rental Service Rewards

Most common car rental services offer a rewards program. You can do this with your bike rental service! Offer a low cost entry or even a free entry bike rental service rewards program where you customers earn points for using your services, returning bikes on time, returning bikes in great conditions and so on and so on. A rewards system will allow your customers to save money through discounts, freebies and price rate drops while also encouraging your customers to spend more money at your bike rental service business – so it is a win/win situation for everyone involved.


Bike Rental Service Bicycles

In order to have a successful bike rental service, you are going to need to have great bicycles and a wide variety of different types. You need to have gender-specific, age-specific and even discipline-specific types of bikes. Road, mountain, hybrid, beach cruiser, recumbent, tandem and special need bikes are a few different types of bike to consider adding to your bike rental service. You need to buy good bikes too not cheap ones that are likely going to have a lot of maintenance issues. The more expensive bike you purchase, the more money you can make in the long run. Be sure to have knowledge or an employee with knowledge of bicycle repair and keep your rental bikes clean and well maintained at all times so that your customers will have a positive experience. Keep saddles in mind as well – not all customers are going to want a hard saddle that a lot of cyclists prefer, have some comfort saddle options laying around to ensure the customer is happy.


Bike Rental Service Business

To have a real bike rental service business, you need to have a real business to begin with. This means that you need to register the bike rental service as an actual business, get the required permits and approval and get insurance needed for your business. Research marketing, social media marketing, advertising and general business strategies so that you can learn what you need to learn in order to run a successful business. There are plenty of blogs online that will show you how to run a business at little or no cost what so ever, take advantage of them, now.


If you plan on starting your own bike rental service, I am happy for you and I would like to wish you the best of luck. If you follow this advice and develop yourself as a business professional, I think you will do just fine at managing your bike rental service. Thank you for taking the time to read my article on starting your own bike rental service. I hope this article has helped you. Please support me for writing this free article by sharing it with other cyclists and on social media websites.


Your turn to comment, my friend!

Have you ever considered starting your own bike rental service before? If you own your own bike rental service, what suggestions would you give to others who are considering starting a bike rental service business of their own?


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Make Money Cycling: 15 Ways to Earn Money with Bicycling

Could you imagine being able to make money cycling? Well it is very possible to make money cycling. In fact there are at least 15 different ways you can make money cycling. In this article, I will be covering 15 different ways that you can make money cycling. To be able to make money cycling would be a great benefit to you and every other cyclist out there because let’s face it, true cycling isn’t very cheap and we’d love to have more money for better components, gear and even new bikes so why not try to make money cycling after all?


Make Money Cycling


#1 – Make Money Cycling with Rental Services

Rent your bicycles out to others willing to pay a rental fee. You can also rent gear out, bike trailers, bike racks and other cycling-related items.


#2 – Make Money Cycling with Bicycle Building

Build bicycles! You can build custom bicycles, unique novelty bicycles, bicycles for special needs folks and even bicycle components and frames.


#3 – Make Money Cycling with Bike Storage

You know how everyone and their brother is opening storage shed businesses? What about opening up a bicycle storage facility business?


#4 – Make Money Cycling with Bike Delivery

Deliver things by bike and make money through the fee and through tips. Deliver packages, food, newspapers and whatever else you can deliver.


#5 – Make Money Cycling with Bicycle Repair

Start your own bicycle repair shop and make money. I started my own in a portable shed in my backyard and I make a decent amount each year.


#6 – Make Money Cycling with Mobile Repair

Be the person that cyclists call when they are broke down on the road! Roadside bike repair would be quite unique and you could make some money doing it.


#7 – Make Money Cycling with Teaching

Teach others about cycling whether its bicycle repair, basic bike safety, and road bike safety for beginners, getting off training wheels as an adult and so on.


#8 – Make Money Cycling with Touring

Become a bicycle tour guide and make some money! You can do short day-only tours to longer bike tours that last multiple days.


#9 – Make Money Cycling with Classic Bikes

Go out and hunt for classic and vintage bicycles. Fix those bikes up and then resell them for a much higher but fair amount and make some great money.


#10 – Make Money Cycling with Junk Bikes

Buy every junk bike you can get your hands on and then start your own bicycle junkyard. Then you can sell parts and probably make your money back by selling one part for each bike you buy.


#11 – Make Money Cycling with Blogs

Start your own cycling blog! Connect with me, I will show you how! You can make money through advertising, reviews, and membership sites and so on.


#12 – Make Money Cycling with Entertainment

Move aside street musician, it’s time for the uni-cycling juggler to step up to the plate. Do something entertaining on a bike and ask for tips!


#13 – Make Money Cycling with Racing

Start participating in bike racing events. Get good and win, win and win some more. You can get paid for winning and get paid even more if you go professional cycling.


#14 – Make Money Cycling with Apparel

Make your own line of cycling apparel and make money with it. What are bike shorts missing these days? Find out what and start collecting that paycheck.


#15 – Make Money Cycling with Cycling

Make money cycling by riding your bike and saving money. Your bike doesn’t take expensive gas, tires are cheaper to fix and you’re doing something extremely healthy!


Thanks for reading my article about 15 ways you can make money cycling. I hope you enjoyed my tips! To further elaborate on these tips, the next 15 articles I post on this blog will be about each of the 15 ways to make money cycling but with even more detail. I want to help you earn money! But I need your support first! Support my blog by sharing this article with other bloggers and on your favorite social networking sites today!


Your turn to comment, my friend!

Tell us how you make money cycling? If you were to add another tip to this article, what tip would that be?


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Dogs Chasing Cyclists: What to do if it happens to you!

Do you ever hear about dogs chasing cyclists and wonder what you should do if it happens to you? Dogs chasing cyclists is nothing new and most cyclists experience at least once in their cycling careers and you probably have or will as well. But what happens when a dog does chase you? What do you do about it? In this article, I will show you what should be done when there are dogs chasing cyclists and how you can avoid getting bit in the process…


Dogs Chasing Cyclists


The Dangers of Dogs Chasing Cyclists

There are a few dangers with dogs chasing cyclists that you should know about. One of the biggest dangers with dogs chasing cyclists is getting bit. A dog can bite you and give you rabies if you don’t get it treated and then you simply die. A dog could even kill you if they attack you and overpower you – some dogs are big enough and a pack of dogs chasing cyclists can really do some damage. Dog chasing cyclists also pose road hazard threats – they might get in front of you causing you to hit them and then wreck and become injured and then if they come over and bite on you, you’re even in more trouble as you were just for wrecking into them. So knowing what to do when there are dogs chasing cyclists is very important. Dog owners are not always going to be responsible enough to keep their pets on a leash. If you do get hurt, make sure you sue the owners so other pet owners get the idea of what a leash law really is.


How to Repeal Dogs Chasing Cyclists

When it comes to dogs chasing cyclists, the best way to deal with the dogs is to repeal the dogs. You can do this by using various tactics. Try talking to the dog in a smooth voice first. You can “baby talk” them calling them “good dog” and whistling at them. A lot of dogs chasing cyclists are doing it because they want to play – but cyclists don’t know that most of the time. If the dog looks like it is a threat, as if it will attack you, scream at the dog. You can yell “NO!” or “BAD DOG!” or just “BAD” and it might discourage them from attacking you. If you think you can outrun the dog, then by all means kick up the speed on your bike and turn it into a race. You just need to make sure you are vigilantly watching the road for further obstacles while you are keeping an eye on the dog as well.


Using Weapons against Dogs Chasing Cyclists

Sometimes you have to straight up defend yourself against dogs chasing cyclists. To do this, you need to go on the defensive of brandishing a weapon and threatening or actually using it on the dog. If you are like me and love animals but still don’t want to get bit, you can use less-harmful weaponized methods. Your bike for example, get off your bike, pick it up and threaten to hit the dog with it occasionally swinging the bike near it – it might make the dog leave the area. Your water or sports drink also makes for a great weapon – squirt the dog in the face with it – they might stop to lick the contents off their body and it may also give the dog’s owner some extra cleaning chores for being the prick who let their dog run loose in the first place. If you have a CO2 pump, you might consider using it towards the dog as the sound might freak the dog out enough to make it flee the area.


Pepper Spraying Dogs Chasing Cyclists

Pepper spray is always an option but not always the best option. I avoid pepper spray for many reasons. The biggest reason is that pending the wind, they spray might go right into my face. Pepper spray in the face, on a bike with a vicious dog right next to you is bad, bad and bad. Another reason to avoid pepper spray is the fact that not all of it will work on animals. Bears for example will be completely unaffected from pepper spray – no, you have to buy bear spray for them! Keep that in mind, mountain bikers! So you pepper spraying the dog just might make it even madder at you. Lastly, if you spray a dog and then the dog’s owner’s kid plays with the dog, they might pet it in the affected area and then rub their eyes effectively pepper spraying themselves – I don’t want to see a kid with pepper spray in their eyes.


The Friendly Approach to Dogs Chasing Cyclists

Some of us are dog lovers. I am one myself. You might be one, too. Because I love dogs, I don’t ever want to hurt one but if it’s me or them, I guess I will protect me in the end. However, you can take a friendly approach with some dogs especially those that like to play more than those who like to bite at you. Buy some dog treats, like Milk-Bon treats. Carry the treats with you every time you ride and toss dogs a treat when they start to chase you. You might even stop the bike and toss the dog the treat and maybe be able to pet the dog if it appears that it will allow you to do so. Dogs can be your best friend especially when you give them treats and attention. You might just make a really good K9 friend while on your bike rides.


So my final suggestions when dealing with dogs chasing cyclists are to take a friendly approach first by giving the dog a treat or even just trying to out-ride the dog. However if the dog wants to hurt you and shows signs of that, you must do whatever you have to do to protect yourself. Thank you for reading my article about dogs chasing cyclists and what to do if it ever happens to you. I hope this article has helped you today. Please help support me for writing this article by sharing it with other cyclists and by sharing it on social media websites as well.


Your turn to comment, my friend!

Have you or anyone you know ever experienced dogs chasing cyclists before? How did you or them deal with the issue?


Creative Commons Image Credit: joshlowensohn


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